High School Exhibition 


All of the work above was made by high school students. This astounds me. Although I did not take any art classes while I was in high school, I am pretty sure that those that did were not creating art of this caliber. These young students are already shaping up to be brilliant artists, but they cannot take all of the credit- their art teachers and art programs had a role. In fact art programs and teachers play a large role in the growth of young artists. When walking through the exhibition that was one thing that I noticed, although the exhibition was open to all high school students within a certain radius of SIUE. Some schools were much more represented than others. Something in the water there? Probably not. But what you can count on is that there is an art teacher there who is very dedicated to his or her students and it shows in the work created by the students. This was a juried art show, which means that not everyone who submitted work was accepted. Instead there was an artist selected to be the juror- or the judge of what artworks made the grade. In his juror’s statement, the Robert Maguire also noted the importance of the art educators in creating such an exhibition as he said, “one would be remiss if not to applaud the instructors who have guided and taught these students. The works belong to these young artist, but much of the praise for nurturing and mentoring goes to their motivated teachers.”

Art Therapy Exhibition

Why have art therapy exhibitions? The name of the game is often awareness. To raise awareness of what art therapy can do for people. To raise support for those who are using it to help others in order to make a way for them to help more. To raise awareness for those who are in need of help and may benefit. The following are two different art therapy exhibitions.

Art + Healing exhibition

The Art+Healing exhibition has been designed to raise public awareness of art therapy (also known as art psychotherapy) and foster a wider understanding of its benefits for both physical and mental health. 

The exhibition is a showcase of art therapy images with contributions from artists who have found art-making therapeutic, as well as art therapy practitioners and their clients. It is a chance for people to share their stories as well as sell their work. 

Here is a  link to a youtube video about the exhibition.  

Below are works from the exhibitions as well as brief paragraphs from the artist about the work. 
Locked In Art + Healing Exhibition Art Psychotherapist Artwork

Virgin Islands Art + Healing Exhibition Artist ~ they were never intended for exhibition ~

Love Addict Art + Healing Exhibition

Standing Tall: Celebrating Resiliency in the NYU Art Therapy in Schools Program exhibition

Life-sized self-portraits created by New York City public school students from the NYU Steinhardt Art Therapy in Schools programs are on display at the NYU Kimmel Center, November 11-January 2. The exhibit, entitled Standing Tall: Celebrating Resiliency in the NYU Art Therapy in Schools Program, showcases 80 portraits by students ages 6 – 17 who have benefitted from the Art Therapy in Schools Program over the past year.

The aim of exhibit is to raise awareness for the important role art therapy plays in helping students with emotional, behavioral, and learning issues to succeed and thrive in the classroom.

“Research from around the world – including a longitudinal study conducted by the Steinhardt program – clearly indicates that at risk students of all ages who have participated in art therapy show marked reductions in oppositional behavior, increased concentration and impulse control, and enhanced academic performance,” said Marygrace Berberian, director of the NYU Art Therapy in Schools Program at NYU Steinhardt.

“What makes art therapy so effective is that it addresses trauma that can often not be treated through left-brain, language-based therapeutic practices. Art therapy stimulates the right brain, connecting to symbols, images, and perceptions that speak to us from the unconscious, and which can release emotions and offer greater emotional regulation,” said Berberian. “These images serve to instruct students and their family members and educators about the ways art can activate resiliency.”

link to full article


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